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As the industry leader in residential home loans, we are committed to educating borrowers in Georgia. Our unwavering dedication and expertise empower your homeownership goals. Our specialized team in Georgia combines market insight, flexible solutions, and personalized service to guide you through the mortgage process. When it comes to residential and commercial lending in Georgia, we offer unparalleled support and market knowledge.



  • 1% Down Payment – First-Time Buyer
  • Down Payment Assistance Available
  • As Low as 500 Scores with FHA
  • No Income Check with 20% Down Payment
  • Buy Using Bank Statements 10% Down Only
  • Loan Amounts to $25M

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  • 85% LTV FHA Streamline
  • 80% Cash-Out
  • No Income Refi to 75% LTV
  • Credit Score as Low as 500
  • Condos and Co-Ops Welcome
  • Qualify Using Bank Statements as Income

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HELOC or Second Mortgages

  • Stand-Alone
  • Combo HELOC – Piggyback
  • Fixed 2nd Mortgages
  • No Income Check HELOCs Available
  • Qualify Using Bank Statements
  • Investment Property Welcome

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Why we are the Right Choice

We are the right choice for offering mortgages in the state of Georgia because we provide personalized solutions tailored to each individual’s needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping our clients navigate the mortgage process smoothly and efficiently. With a wide range of loan options, including Non-QM, VA, and FHA loans, we have the flexibility to meet the unique requirements of each borrower.

Assistance from a committed Mortgage Loan Originator
Array of Non-QM loan products to help finance the self-employed borrower
No lender overlays
Offer superior pricing and ability to "shop" the loan for the optimal pricing
Speed, close loans in 30 days

Georgia Targeted Mortgage Programs

Explore our wide range of mortgage programs designed to meet the unique needs of homeowners in Georgia. From conventional loans to government-backed options and Non-QM loans, we have the perfect solution for you.



Buy a home with only 3% down payment with at least 620 score.

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Buy a home with no income limit or geographic limits.

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HomeStyle Renovation

Renovate a property using conventional guidelines, not FHA.

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Buy a property 3% down payment with at least 660 score.

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Hometown Heroes

Florida buyers can buy a home with down payment assistance.

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Home Equity Line of Credit. Up to 90% of the value.

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FHA Home Loans

Our FHA loans go as low as 500 credit scores.

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VA Loans

Buy a home with 100% financing. Manufactured homes allowed.

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Non-QM Loans

Ideal for self-employed individuals with income doc issues.

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