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10 Ways We’re Helping Borrowers Qualify in Georgia

Mar 15, 2024

At GeorgiaMortgage.com, we are dedicated to helping borrowers qualify quickly and easily with our unique financing options tailored specifically for the Georgia market. Here are 10 ways we can assist you in achieving your real estate goals:

  • Up to 50-year amortization: Our extended amortization can lower monthly payments and make qualifying simpler for alternative borrower clients.
  • Extended ratios: We offer competitive ratios for 1st and 2nd position loans.
  • Qualify on Contract Rate: No stress test is required for qualification.
  • No Minimum Credit Score: We assess credit history to understand recent inquiries or high utilization.
  • Capitalized Fees: Borrowers receive the full loan amount requested, even with associated fees.
  • Contributory Income: Contributions from family members can be considered towards shelter costs.
  • New Employment: Acceptance for borrowers with less than 1 year at their current job.
  • Rental Income: 100% offset on all properties, including student rentals.
  • Rate/Fee Switching: Flexibility to adjust rates and fees.
  • Maturity Matching: Aligning maturity dates for simplified financial planning on second mortgage products.

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