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Non-QM Solutions for LLC Borrowers in Georgia

Jan 16, 2024

Are you a seasoned investor in Georgia looking to expand your real estate portfolio? At MortgageDepot, we understand the unique needs of LLC borrowers like you. A recent scenario where our borrower, a seasoned investor with five financed properties, recently formed an LLC to manage their real estate holdings. With a 738 FICO score and a desire to purchase another investment property, our borrower is seeking a non-QM solution that allows the LLC to be the borrower while still providing personal guarantees.

Introducing our DSCR product – a game-changer for LLC borrowers. With our DSCR product, only one LLC member, with a minimum of 25% ownership, is required to personally guarantee the loan. Our DSCR product does not require personal income, employment analysis, or personal debt-to-income structure for the guarantor. Instead, the ability-to-repay is based solely on the cash flow of the subject property.

To qualify for our DSCR product, the LLC must be active and in good standing in both the state of formation and the state where the subject property is located. Our borrower, with their 738 FICO score, meets the credit requirements of the DSCR product, making it an ideal solution for their investment goals.

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